Independent and pragmatic advice for scaling and established businesses alike.

Technical Due Diligence

Pre-deal Tech DD, based on an established model, covering core technology contexts and can be targeted on specific areas of interest. A low challenge approach that reserves judgement and is successful in drawing out risks and red flags. Assignments are flexible and may involve third party tooling if required.

Pre-raise Tech DD coaching for businesses looking for investment. A review of material information gaps, documentation and data points. The output will be a situational commentary on your technology and suggested data room content or optimisations that best position your business’ technical circumstances.

Implementing successful delivery models

Help with understanding successful delivery models across a range of different and sometimes bespoke methodologies. This module will illustrate how to align your teams in the best way, how to manage them, and the flow of work through them. Using success patterns and adapting them to your business, you will receive a proposal and outline budget for the changes that will help you line everyone in your organisation up for delivery success.

Delivery lifecycle analysis

A deep review of your existing product development and delivery lifecycle and associated processes. The analysis will result in a report on areas for refinement, potential optimisations and automation targets and any other relevant improvements will be suggested. Where additional staff or tools are required an indicative budget for the changes will also be provided.

Performance Management 3.0

A simple, easy to use and routine approach to fostering a healthy people focus amongst your managers. This method is a framework for performance management through continual assessment. Going beyond the template available in my article here; this module will focus on understanding your compensation model and adapting this process to suit your needs. A scoping workshop followed up by instruction and Q&A sessions with your managers and some time during and after implementation to feedback and ask questions. The goal is to ensure that your managers will always have a real-time view of staff performance which is an output of these routine behaviours to the benefit of all your staff.

Turnaround a failing team or project

I have seen the best and the worst of things, and many things in between. Most problems have progressive solutions, be they people related, relationships, processes or otherwise.

A review, analysis and recommended plan for failing teams, projects or processes. A proven approach that will assist you in resolving engrained problems with the help of an external viewpoint and some tools. This service is highly bespoke and will require tenacity from your teams and an agreed engagement plan from me.

Strategy and goals

A facilitation service to help drive out strategies and associated goals for your teams, divisions or overall business. The module will include an initial briefing period and emersion into your specific market, followed by some sessions with your workgroups to drive unity of vision. The result will be a collection of materials that define your strategy, its key drivers and the goals you need to set to enable you to deliver on your overall strategy. This process is highly collaborative; your team will provide the output of these sessions with some assistive guidance and challenge from me along the way.


Coaching consists of an “a la carte” menu of modules available for tactical interventions for your key staff or longer running, full coaching engagements. I will gather your business needs and tailor the programme to drive a deep sense of professional opportunity for your candidates. They will follow a “your-business” centric approach of my standalone coaching service.

Group sessions are also available to foster collaboration and a broader understanding of each other and the interpersonal variances that exist in all professional settings.